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COVID-19 Precautions

The health and safety of our clients and therapists have always been of our upmost concern, but now more than ever.  Kredo Home Therapy has taken a pro-active approach to ensuring the continued health and safety of our families and therapists during this difficult time, implementing the following protocols in an effort to reduce the opportunity for COVID-19 spread within our communities. 

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  1. If children or family members are experiencing any COVID-19 related symptoms, practice caution and inform your therapist immediately and we can transfer the session to an e-visit for convenience and safety. 

  2. If a therapist tests positive or experiences COVID-19 symptoms, they will not be permitted to resume in person sessions for a 14 day period or until symptoms subside. 

    • E-visits with the therapists are offered or an alternative therapist will be offered to complete the sessions with the family if they would like. 

  3. For in home sessions, our therapists will:

    • Take their temperature prior to entering the home to ensure that it is less than 100.3.  ​

    • Utilize a cloth mask at all times while within the home. 

      • Speech Therapists will utilize a special mask that permits visibility of their mouth.  ​

    • Therapists will only utilize specific items with each client.  Items will not be utilized for multiple clients. 

      • Any items brought into the home are required to be sanitized after each use. ​

    • Upon entering the home, therapist is required to utilize non contact thermometer to show client their temperature and take the temperature of the patient. 

      • If either the patient or therapist temperature is elevated, the therapist will leave immediately and the visit will be rescheduled.  

    • Therapist are required to wash hands directly after entering the home.  

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